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MBN Realty Professionals

MBN Realty Professionals

MBN Realty Professionals is a remarkable company that specializes in Residential Real Estate. Additionally we have designated teams who provide unmatched service with Commercial and Industrial real estate as well as Land development and Business Brokerage. We provide a hands-on consulting approach to assist our clients navigate through all parts of the Real Estate transaction that they are involved in.

We have six divisions within our company to assist our clients, customers and principals to achieve success in their real estate endeavors and navigate through the Real Estate market. The divisions are:

• Listing and Marketing
• Buying/Acquisition
• Investment portfolio management
• Property management
• Finance and Mortgage
• Education and Technology

Whether you are a seasoned buyer or seller, or a first-time participant in the Real Estate Market, our team of professionals will guide and support you through 100% of your transaction! From the initial search, to the contract negotiation stage all the way to the closing. There are many obstacles in completing a real estate transaction in todays world and our mission is to assist you to get through all of them ease.

Our marketing team is second to none and will provide and develop unique marketing collateral for each property which will be distributed to industry members and prospective buyers. MBN Realty Professionals does SO MUCH more than simply putting a sign on the lawn and entering data into the MLS. We are plugged in to the market and are some of the most active agents in the area. We develop unique property videos, social media campaigns, advertising, financial packages for buyers, renovation, and remodel budgets and packages for prelisting and post sale and so much more to facilitate buyers and sellers to complete each sale.

Our Acquisition Agents will help you familiarize yourself with the current local market and assist you with finding the perfect property that fits your needs and budget. Once the contract has been negotiated and secured, we then act as a liaison with your mortgage loan officer to secure any financing you may require.

Simultaneously, we coordinate to assist you in working through scheduling inspections, surveys, finding any deficiencies, etc. During the Due Diligence period of the contract each of these is required prior to all mortgage backed deals closing!

Lastly, it is key to note that MBN Realty Professionals are beside you in every step of the process and will do everything to help bring your transaction to the closing table.

You are in the best hands when you hire an MBN Realty Professional!